How to Run a Successful Ecommerce Business

Driving traffic to your business is now happening electronically. E-commerce sounds easier but the larger bulk of competitors make it a lot more difficult. The over-all look of your site, the navigating experience and the product or services you sell must be affordable and high quality. Sounds more difficult right?

E-commerce has totally evolved making it the most widely-used platforms used by businesses whether big or small brands. Social media marketing services can make your e-commerce site better and bigger. Hire them to get expert tips or leave the entire job to them because they surely know how to run a successful Ecommerce business.

Stand out

Stand out

What will compel shoppers to check your site? Do you have something that they need or want? Is it extraordinary?

Selling something exclusive or extraordinary will surely help your site gain more traffic. But if you are selling something ordinary, make sure that you emphasized the difference or advantages of getting them from you. Images on your site should be clear, quick to download and look like they are professionally captured and edited. Post those great feedbacks from customers. You can also create an honest preview of what you are selling and at the same time highlight their strengths or advantages.

Still think that what you have is just the same as what others sell? Go ahead and make them more affordable or give great customers service. Remember that your shoppers are people who expect you to be accommodating and professional.

Keep up with technology

Keep up with technology

Noticed that every person you stumble into has a mobile device with them? A huge number of shoppers get their stuff online because of one reason ─ convenience. Make sure that your site can easily be navigated. Your site can be unique but not too much because the shopper might find it difficult to navigate. The commonly-used icons should be prominently displayed including contact us. The payment process should be quick and easy. Your payment methods need to be something that the general population has like credit card or PayPal.

The faster your site loads on mobile devices the better for your business. Social media platforms can be linked with your official website. Always remember that despite the power of images, they can be a menace to your site. See to it that they are crisp, clear and quick-to-load.

Convenience is what shoppers expect from you. Test your site to see if you are satisfied with the way it looks and the speed it loads when you use mobile devices.

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Improving Your Business Using Social Media

Making quantitive analysis can drastically improve your marketing because you get to discover which actions to continue and which ones need to be modified. It takes a lot of planning but execution is something that you should meticulously measure.

Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter pave the way for extracting data from your online guests. But the information you get from them will turn out to be useless if you don’t know how to analyze them.  You can drive actions in a certain direction if you know exactly which way you are going.

Get a clear grasp on how the social network ecosystem operates. Think of it as the basic infrastructure in the town where you live. Once you get a view of the map, you get to have an idea about the streets around the town so you can bridge your business with the people in the neighborhood.

Most of the social consumers who are online have various social media accounts so it would be much better if you can have social media accounts like twitter since this is one of the most traffic generating site. Discover where most people usually hang out and join them. Your target audience might also be where your competitors are. Find them and you might just find the target customers you are looking for, but first you need to establish your accounts well through buying real twitter followers so that once you find your targeted audience they will get attracted with the number of followers you have and follow you automatically.

Do you have a Customer Relationships Management system? If you don’t, you should start making one because there are people who are willing to give out their personal information. They are cooperative in making product reviews for you.

Apply the Pareto principle, the so-called 80/20 rule, because all you need is a few users who can generate 80% of the activities. You don’t need a lot of consumers to create a lead because a few will do.

Chadwick Martin Bailey says that consumers who are in Facebook also got Twitter accounts and they are likely to buy something that people in social media would recommend.  Social media comments are truly strong and powerful so make sure that your business gets excellent reviews.

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Making it Big in the Competitive Online Industry

Making it Big in the Competitive Online Industry

Marketing trends in social media can give you an idea on how you can bring success to your business with little effort. You might have heard about growth hack but if you have been in the industry for a long time, you would realize that it is of no value. Starting marketers think growth hack is something to get wild about when it’s actually nothing.

Why am I saying that it’s nothing? Remember the story about a hare and a tortoise racing? The hare was so impulsive and thought speed was the most essential thing that it suddenly paused and took a rest. On the other hand, the tortoise was patient and consistent. At the end of the race, the tortoise won because it was consistent. This is how I can relate the success of consistent marketing efforts.

False claims about social media

Data coming from so-called experts claim that social media can offer a little help or no help at all to your business.  They would that ROI was bad. Seriously?  To be honest, social media won’t directly turn into sales but everyone is into social media so it is entirely impossible that none of them will become potential clients.

Why are big brand venturing into social media marketing? The simple answer is it is that effective. No matter what others say, the fact that the biggest names in the industry are there, their data analysis proves that there is an effect on their sales. TV, no doubt, still has power to influence. But social media can make a huge difference too. It can easily fit into your budget even it meant paying for ads on Facebook, YouTube or Twitter.

Intensifying social media

Perhaps you’ve heard of Pay Per Click? Give it a try. It’s cheap and everyone is doing it. It’s a great way of generating traffic to your site.





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Swedish E-Commerce Growing Strong


Online businesses in Egypt grew by 19% in the early part of the year compared to the same period last year. The e-Commerce industry continues to affect the Swedish retail business and every year there is a significant increase. Traditional retail is now a promising business in Sweden. More and more investors are getting interested in Swedish online retail business.

An analysis made by Jetshop, a Scandinavian company that provides e-Commerce solutions, shows that small online retailers are getting stronger. More purchases are made by shoppers who use mobile devices like smart phones and tablets. Now, mobile shoppers make up about 22.6% of all purchases. Swedish e-Commerce sites get about 40% of their online traffic from mobile users.

Big Data Charts of Jetshop shows that conversion rate of mobile gadgets has reached 1.42% (2.23% on tablets and 3.69% desktops). Tablets and computers lead to greater sales conversion compared to smart phones. The average purchase value is higher on tablets and computers because average purchase on tablets is €109,46 and €124,31 on desktops. The average purchase value on smart phones is only €89,40.

More and more people are using mobile devices to shop because it is easy and convenient. Mobile shoppers are growing in number and Sweden-based consumers are patronizing online businesses. Online stores in Egypt continue to face challenges. Many shoppers are not pleased with their shopping experience and some won’t even complete their purchase. But many continue to support e-Commerce sites despite the unsatisfying experience. Businesses are looking at this particular weakness of online shopping.

Christian Zander, Jetshop’s CEO, thinks that they can improve sales since the online traffic is already there. Now, there is a need to improve the service of e-Commerce stores, they can use social media platforms so they can give better shopping experience and customer service. Online retail sales in Sweden will definitely grow bigger in the coming years.

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E-Gyptian Shoppers on the Rise



Egypt is a great place to promote e-Commerce sites. The traffic jams and poorly developed retail sector makes online shopping businesses promising. Egyptians are used to getting everything delivered especially food.

Only 0.3% of Egypt’s retail sales come from e-commerce. According to Boston Consulting Group, this is fairly small compared to countries. Many challenges affect delivery of e-Commerce sites including slow internet connection, low digital literacy of consumers and few people have bank accounts or credit cards. But still, many expected online revenues to grow.

Internet users have grown from 1.4% to 8.7%. Egypt-based Facebook users have already multiplied and are now considered the most highly engaged users. Social media engagement is a cost-efficient means of promoting businesses. According to Sara Metwally of StarcomMediaVest, amid Egypt’s economic uncertainties, every dollar counts.

Sherif Barakat of Samsung Egypt claims that word-of-mouth marketing is considered highly valued by Egyptians. A study by McKinsey in 2012 can vouch on this because recommendations from friends play the most important role in buying decision.

Samsung’s Facebook page generates the most number of likes in Egypt. It prides itself for it 4.7 million likes. The Korean electronics company reported that 5% of its sales come from Egypt and they expect about 20% growth by the end of 2015.

Jumia, a company that sells electronics, sports equipment and fashion goods, snatched 35% of Egypt’s online retail sales last year. Despite the political chaos in Egypt, it seems to be a promising site for online business.

A curfew that was implemented by President Morsi in Egypt brought about a boost in sales in e-Commerce businesses. The country head of, Omar-al-Sahi, reported that the curfew generated skyrocketing sales. He is still thankful that despite the curfew getting lifted, their sales did not go down and many continue to patronize online shopping.

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Leading Japanese e-Commerce Site Named as the Top Seller of Whale Meat and Ivory


Rakuten, a Japanese e-commerce company that owns Kobo and, is estimated to carry about 1,200 whale products and 28,000 adverts for elephant ivory. Humane Society International and UK-based Environmental Investigation Agency are asking Japan’s biggest online retailer to stop selling the said items.

Most of the whale products they sell come from species that have been safeguarded since 1986. A moratorium was advised about commercial whaling that was established by the International Whaling Commission. These details were published in their Blood e-commerce report.

According to the convention of International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, the said species were expected to receive the highest protection. Despite the advisory, a number of companies continued to sell endanger fin whale coming from Iceland.

About 14 of the products being sold do not contain clear product descriptions. The name of the species is not included and this violates the labeling laws of Japan.

Kitty Block, vice-president of HIS, has called the attention of Rakuten subsidiaries in the UK, US, Canada, Germany, France and Austria to ban all ads regarding Rakuten’s whale products and ivory.

Rakuten is internationally known and it operating profit is valued at about $244 in 2012. This giant employs about 10,000 employees. Some of its acquisitions include of UK and of US.

It continues to resist international pressure regarding the ban on sale of whale products. But Japanese supermarket chains like Seiyu and Ito-Yokado have stopped offering whale and dolphin products.  Amazon and Google have stopped all of their sales including ads on any whale or dolphin products. A farm outside Tokyo stopped selling luxury pet food made of fin whales.

Cetacean products were found to contain high levels of mercury. About 90% of whale products were found to exceed the Japanese limit on mercury content making them hazardous to human health.

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Amazon Launches Dash, Shopping Barcode Scanner


The e-Commerce giant never ceases to amaze online shopper with their innovative easy-to-buy products.  Shopping is now just a click away and you don’t have to spend on gas when you drive to nearest store or mall. The news of the drones came first and then Dash was unveiled. It is another tool that will make your online shopping experience more incredible and convenient.

Dash is a 6-inch LED scanner designed to capture bar codes around the house. The scanned bar codes can be added to your Amazon cart. This can also detect fruits and vegetables that have no bar codes just by using the microphone.  You can then add them to your cart because it has a voice-recognition system. Your grocery list is finish in just minutes or even less than a minute because of this tool. Now, you can bake and cook while you are ordering all your goodies.

Although Dash is completely free, only those who have Amazon Fresh, the same day delivery that Amazon offers, can get it. Amazon Fresh is only available to residents in Seattle, San Francisco and Southern California.  Even if you are currently availing this $299 service, you might not be scanning cereal boxes or other grocery items soon because it is now only available ‘by invitation’.

A video introducing this new product was recently released by Amazon. Dash ensures that you will never run out of any grocery or household item ever again. It promises to save consumers buckets of time.

Amazon makes shopping so easy attracting more consumers who would want save grocery or shopping time for more relevant activities. Now, they don’t need to worry about rushing to grocery stores because they ran out of coffee or milk. Dash scans and adds everything to your shopping cart. It’s about time you leave the grocery listing and shopping to this wonder tool.





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4 Easy Steps to Market Pop-up Shop


A pop-up shop can open your brand’s fan flood gates. Every business can easily reach their target audience and increase sales revenue. Before starting a pop-up adventure, the first thing to do is to set goals for your pop up shop. Upcoming plans and future decisions will be based on that so you can create an incredible and engaging retail experience.

Recheck your goals and priorities and generate a pop-up marketing strategy assuming that you have already chosen a particular location, scrutinized the place meticulously, haggled a good deal with the owner and have finished your store design plans.

Explore ways on how you can use traditional media outlets to your advantage, keep your influencers engaged, create an editorial calendar for your strategies and lastly when to direct efforts to guerilla marketing.

Excellent PR strategy                    

Traditional media is timeless and it won’t die. Many consumers still enjoy shopping at pop-up shops and retail stores. They still watch TV including the commercials. They continue to read print ads in magazines. They still continue to attend meet-ups and conferences. Now, who will say that traditional media is dead?

A key point to remember when it comes to traditional marketing is to understand how your customers behave so you can effectively reach out to them. Know what your customers enjoy reading and look for editors who can come up with the best output.

Sounds simple and easy, right? To effectively reach traditional media outlets, keep in mind what the two basic principles are.

1.              Pitch as many concepts and ideas that they can use

2.             Ask them about their publishing timelines

Another point to remember that print ads take time to get processed and published compared to online publications.  Local print can take about 2-3 months and online media about 2 weeks.

Influencers as evangelists

Think of them as press by highlighting different incentives you can offer so you can compel them to drop by shop, capture images and share it to social media. Find bloggers who can focus on a particular topic that you want like price drop or new products.

Grow seeds

Now that you’ve planted seeds, it’s time to nourish them. You can begin with a list of keywords that you can use. Make sure they are aligned with your marketing campaign image.

Guerilla marketing

Going guerilla is still alive so try making postcard with powerful call to action plus a promotional code so they can visit nearby outlets. Try targeting nearby hotels to promote your pop-up shop to tourists.


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