Which Social Media Works Best for Ecommerce?


The secret to make your business a huge success is social media ecommerce. Critics say it is not as great as traditional advertising because getting a bigger reach does not necessarily result to a bigger reach.

From poster to TV ads and now social media, advertising has evolved dramatically. The platform and rates have changed, making social media ads the most effective yet very affordable marketing tool of the decade.

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How to Run a Successful Ecommerce Business


Driving traffic to your business is now happening electronically. E-commerce sounds easier but the larger bulk of competitors make it a lot more difficult. The over-all look of your site, the navigating experience and the product or services you sell must be affordable and high quality. Sounds more difficult right?

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Improving Your Business Using Social Media


Making quantitive analysis can drastically improve your marketing because you get to discover which actions to continue and which ones need to be modified. It takes a lot of planning but execution is something that you should meticulously measure.

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Making it Big in the Competitive Online Industry

Making it Big in the Competitive Online Industry

Marketing trends in social media can give you an idea on how you can bring success to your business with little effort. You might have heard about growth hack but if you have been in the industry for a long time, you would realize that it is of no value. Starting marketers think growth hack is something to get wild about when it’s actually nothing.

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Swedish E-Commerce Growing Strong


Online businesses in Egypt grew by 19% in the early part of the year compared to the same period last year. The e-Commerce industry continues to affect the Swedish retail business and every year there is a significant increase. Traditional retail is now a promising business in Sweden. More and more investors are getting interested in Swedish online retail business.

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E-Gyptian Shoppers on the Rise


Egypt is a great place to promote e-Commerce sites. The traffic jams and poorly developed retail sector makes online shopping businesses promising. Egyptians are used to getting everything delivered especially food.


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Leading Japanese e-Commerce Site Named as the Top Seller of Whale Meat and Ivory


Rakuten, a Japanese e-commerce company that owns Kobo and Play.com, is estimated to carry about 1,200 whale products and 28,000 adverts for elephant ivory. Humane Society International and UK-based Environmental Investigation Agency are asking Japan’s biggest online retailer to stop selling the said items.

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Amazon Launches Dash, Shopping Barcode Scanner


The e-Commerce giant never ceases to amaze online shopper with their innovative easy-to-buy products.  Shopping is now just a click away and you don’t have to spend on gas when you drive to nearest store or mall. The news of the drones came first and then Dash was unveiled. It is another tool that will make your online shopping experience more incredible and convenient.

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4 Easy Steps to Market Pop-up Shop


A pop-up shop can open your brand’s fan flood gates. Every business can easily reach their target audience and increase sales revenue. Before starting a pop-up adventure, the first thing to do is to set goals for your pop up shop. Upcoming plans and future decisions will be based on that so you can create an incredible and engaging retail experience.

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